Project Description

No.11 (10-5-16+31.5SO3)

A versatile NPK compound fertiliser, with all the attributes of a HumberPalmers grade (Sulphur, Trace Elements, Humates). Superb for established grassland with a low Potash status, also suitable for a range of vegetable crops, such as Brassicas, Onions, Leeks etc.

Particularly favoured by commercial turf growers wanting a phase release Nitrogen, and higher levels of Potash, promoting a leafy, high dry matter sward with good root development.

Three further Special No.11 grades have been developed for use where the crop is susceptible to deficiency of secondary elements:

  • Special HP No.11 with Boron
  • Special HP No.11 with Magnesium & Manganese
  • Special HP No. 11 with Magnesium & Manganese and Boron


HumberPalmers fertiliser grades are available in 600kg top lift bags – some grades can be supplied in 25kg bags on pallets in one tonne units on request.

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