HumberPalmers offers a range of true compound fertilisers to cereal growers who are wanting the natural base of Humic substances to promote better soil and plant health.

Recommended Grades

Generic Features & Benefits

  • All HumberPalmers grades are True Compound Fertiliser, ensuring an even and consistent spread of nutrients across the crop.

  • All compound products with urea nitrogen either contain a registered urease inhibitor or have an option to include ensuring a controlled and extended nutrient release with reduced risk of leaching.
  • All grades contain plant available Sulphur to enhance Nitrogen utilisation. Sulphur is vital in protein synthesis within the grass plant, helping to achieve yield with the energy and protein content required.

  • All grades contain humates a naturally occurring plant and soil stimulant which improves the functioning of the plant systems and in turn helps the plant make better use of the available nutrients. Humates help protect the plant from the effects of weather variation and disease.

  • All grades contain a range of Trace Elements benefitting the plant, animal and soil.