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HumberPalmers has been manufacturing and supplying True Compound Fertilisers to farmers and growers across the British Isles for many years from our granulation plant on the Humber Estuary in North Lincolnshire.

We have developed a range of unique fertilisers for use across a wide variety of agricultural and amenity enterprises, ranging from grazed grass, forage crops and market gardening to racecourses and turf growing.

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Unique Product

Our high-efficiency HumberPalmers fertilisers are developed to maximise dry matter output providing vital Trace Elements to the animals and plants. Manufactured at our purpose built UK factory, HumberPalmers fertilisers comprise an Organic Base rich in humates.

The specialist granulation process of HumberPalmers fertilisers combines highly beneficial complex humates with mineral nutrients, and supports improved and even distribution, whilst a unique phasing ability enhances soil health and crop productivity.

HumberPalmers offers the complete fertiliser solution, as we all strive to fully participate in expanding Government envIronmental targets for the years ahead.

Proven Research

Independent research confirms that our HumberPalmers fertilisers:

  • Out-perform the best mineral fertilisers by up to 35% in terms of increased dry matter yield.
  • Deliver 25% higher take-up of applied Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, compared with high quality mineral fertilisers.
  • Increase trace element levels.
  • Lowers soil and plant nitrate content considerably.
    • Imperative when caring for the envIronment.
    • Essential under the Water Directive Rules.
Humber Palmers | High Efficiency Fertilisers
HumberPalmers Advanced Granulation Technology
Humber Palmers | High Efficiency Fertilisers
Humber Palmers | High Efficiency Fertilisers