The Commercial Grower has a range of considerations when planning crop nutrition; from crop yield, harvest date and quality. This all leads to the ultimate grade and price that will be achieved for the crop.

HumberPalmers has a proven track record working with a diverse range of growers to produce top quality crops. All our range benefit from HumberPalmers unique Humate Base which acts as a stimulant helping to promote soil and plant health, whilst also improving the uptake of nutrients to the plant.

The mixed Nitrogen content of our fertiliser delivers a phased release effect whilst the inclusion of Sulphur further improves Nitrogen uptake and boosts yields.

All grades include a Trace Element pack benefitting the soil and plant, these include; Calcium, Iron, Selenium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Boron, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt and Sodium.

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Generic Features & Benefits

  • All HumberPalmers grades are True Compound Fertiliser, ensuring an even and consistent spread of nutrients across the crop.

  • All HumberPalmers Nitrogen grades contain a mixture of Nitrogen sources ensuring a controlled and extended nutrient release with reduced risk of leaching.

  • All grades contain plant available Sulphur to enhance Nitrogen utilisation. Sulphur is vital in protein synthesis within the grass plant, helping to achieve yield with the energy and protein content required.

  • All grades contain humates a naturally occurring plant and soil stimulant which improves the functioning of the plant systems and in turn helps the plant make better use of the available nutrients. Humates help protect the plant from the effects of weather variation and disease.

  • All grades contain a range of Trace Elements benefitting the plant, animal and soil.

Recommended Grades