HumberPalmers Unique Organic Base

Derived from a rich source of naturally occurring matter, HumberPalmers unique Organic Base contains high levels of Humates, delivering excellent results for the enrichment of soil and plant.

What Are Humates?

Humates are the purest form of natural organic matter known to man, and are one of the most complex substances on earth. These substances, formed from the biological and chemical breakdown of organic material over millions of years, contain a mixture of organic acids and include: humic acids, fulvic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars and peptides.

How Do Humates Work?

Humates are the essential construction blocks of a well balanced soil, supporting the soil structure and well being of plants. They can directly contribute to the enhanced biological activity of soil through the support of beneficial microbes, and have the ability to free Phosphates and other minerals locked up in the soil, making them available for root uptake.

True Compound Fertilisers

All HumberPalmers fertilisers are manufactured as complete homogeneous granules. Each granule of fertiliser contains macro and micro nutrients together with humates, Sulphur and Trace Elements.


Additional Sodium to further improve grazing efficiency is contained within selected HumberPalmers fertiliser grades.


All grades of HumberPalmers fertilisers contain Sulphur, universally acknowledged as essential for amino acid production (cysteine and methionine). It is recognised as being the catalyst for improved uptake of applied Nitrogen and Potash, increasing true protein levels and reducing nitrate levels in crops and soil reserves.

Trace Elements

All grades of HumberPalmers fertilisers contain a wide spectrum of available minerals and Trace Elements, benefiting soil, plants and animals. These include: Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese, Boron.

Humber Palmers | High Efficiency Fertilisers

The Benefits


  • Promotes photosynthesis
  • Increases plant growth and cell division
  • Reduces effect of drought
  • Increases resistance to fungal diseases
  • Stimulates plant enzymes
  • Improves cell wall permeability
  • Enhances root development


  • Improves palatability
  • Improves grass quality
  • Better plant mineral content
  • Increases meat and milk from forage


  • Stimulates bacterial activity
  • Enriches take-up of micro-nutrients
  • Enhances soil structure and fertility
  • Improves fertiliser efficiency
  • Improves moisture retention